Curing Cancer in Dogs


Lymphoma accounts for 83% of all canine blood cell malignancies and is the most commonly managed cancer in veterinary oncology. But still, up to 1.5 million dogs die from B cell lymphoma every year in the United States alone. The current standard of care is an unacceptable treatment, only giving our furry family members a single year of life in the most responsive outcomes. LEAH Labs is changing the script.

Precision gene editing technology

Precision gene editing allows the conceptual programming of genomes like a computer algorithm. LEAH Labs uses patented, licensed technology that allows us to reprogram genomes and create new therapies mediated by immune cells.

Harnessing immune cells
to fight cancer

The immune system has the capability to detect and fight off foreign invaders, keeping your dog healthy. But cancer evades these detection mechanisms. Genetic reprogramming of T lymphocytes can enable them to become cancer fighting machines.

Living cell therapy to battle B cell lymphoma in canine

Scientists at LEAH Labs use precision gene editing to reprogram T immune cells with Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) in order to create CAR T cells that seek out, specifically recognize, and destroy B cell lymphoma without the off-target side effects that come with chemotherapy.

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